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Training for employment

Workbased-learning and alternance training is a key policy pillar for UIMM. The desire to maintain and develop an ambitious policy on integration of young people and job seekers through work-study contracts (apprenticeship and professional training contracts) was reaffirmed in the Agreement of 1 July 2011.

Alternating training with school-based study is an excellent way to build individual employability and access to the labour market; at the same time, it allows industrial companies find the competence they need to develop.

Our training centers, spread throughout the country and at the heart of technology industry training, offer training from initial VET level to engineering degrees directly tailored to the needs of local industry.

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Joint Qualification Certificates of the Metal industry

The Joint Qualification Certificates of the Metal industry (Certificats de Qualification Paritaire de la Métallurgie – CQPM) aims at validating the professional abilities of the employees and the unemployed. There exist 180 CQPM in 20 fields of activities.

The CQPM attest the professional skills at the end of a training pathway or after a process of validation of acquired competences.  Those Certificates are delivered jointly, by bodies composed of company and employee representatives. More than 11 000 CQPM are delivered each year.

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