Sweden | Teknikföretagen and IF Metall

Sweden | Teknikföretagen and IF Metall

Sweden | Teknikföretagen and IF Metall


Swedish technology companies are in need of skilled employees with qualified technical training. To increase the quality of technically oriented courses the industry partners have developed the concept ‘Teknikcollege’ (Technology college). Today schools and businesses cooperate in Teknikcollege in more than half of Sweden’s municipalities.

Teknikcollege is a form of quality assurance in vocational education and training, where local authorities, education and training providers and companies together work to increase the attractiveness and quality of technical education. The goal is to ensure that future company employees have the skills needed in a global market. For students Teknikcollege means attractive technical programs leading to employability in member companies as well as preparation for further study, for example, in higher technical education.

The member companies of Teknikföretagen play a key role in the work of the Teknikcollege. The companies have the opportunity to help set curricula to match future skills demand. Within each Teknikcollege Region there is a regional steering committee and local control groups where the business community is in the majority and the steering committee chairman is an industry representative.

Within Teknikcollege quality assurance of the study programs are based on ten criteria, developed by technology companies. The criteria ensure the process of constantly developing technical colleges to the quality standard that is required by industry.

Teknikcollege is operated under the Industry Council.

Teknikcollege in numbers:
• 25 regions
• 150 education and training providers
• 3,000 companies in the local and regional steering groups
• 180 municipalities
• Over 16 000 students

Visit the TeknikcollegeTeknikföretagen and IF Metall websites to find out more.