Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France | SoDiMa

Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France | SoDiMa

Social Dialogue for the future of Manufacturing

SoDiMa_smallDigitalization and automation in the manufacturing sector are among the most important challenges for the social partners representing companies and workers. Trade unions and employers’ associations are facing today a difficult and rapid transition (due to Internet of Things, Big Data, Collaborative Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence) which must be governed so that it does not generate the loss of millions of jobs, as several studies have predicted.

The objective of the parties must be to reconcile the protection of work with that of greater competitiveness and productivity for companies. This is why new skills, training and work organization are as fundamental as urgent aspects to deal with. Yet these are elements that cannot be achieved unilaterally by any of the parties involved.

For this reason, the SoDiMa project sets out to put social dialogue at the center of the transition towards the manufacture of the future and wants to do it right at the European level, by strengthening the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Metal Industry answering to the challenges of the EU document. A new start for social dialogue, its activities and its visibility with new and innovative results and activities. The reinforcement of the Committee and the involvement of countries with different maturation levels of digital manufacturing will favor the exchange of good practices and the development of guidelines that can help individual states to increase both business innovation levels and workers’ skills.

Practical information
About the SoDiMa project:
 It is a project co-funded by the Euroepan Commission, Directorate General of Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (a.k.a. DG EMPL) VP/2015/001 budget heading, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue.

Project  :
Project coordinators:
  • Sabrina De Santis –
  • Francesco Seghezzi –

Project duration:
February 2019 – January 2021

Project timeline
  • 04-05 March 2019 : Kick-off meeting (Rome)
  • June 2019 : First national workshop (Ljubljana)
  • November 2019 : Second national workshop (Madrid)
  • December 2019 : Social Dialogue Committee meeting (Brussels0)
  • December 2019 : Expert auditions (Brussels)
  • March 2020 : Third national workshop (Roma)
  • December 2020 : Final conference (Brussels)

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