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Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia | SkillMe

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Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia | SkillMe

Skills in Metal and Electro Industry


Project duration: November 2014 – October 2017

Constant progress and development of production technologies demands permanent training and education of workers as a response to work environment needs and education of school trainees in the latest manufacturing technologies if we want a skilled and productive workforce who will be able to compete and be successful on a global scale. Skill gaps which are the result of this development are a constant challenge that needs permanent commitment which can be more effectively solved if we, the Europeans, cooperate in creation of solutions for skill gap filling.

The main purpose of the project is to identify skill gaps in electro and metal industry’s advanced manufacturing sector, to create curriculums which will fill the skill gaps and to permanently integrate the curriculums into VET education systems in project participating countries and throughout Europe.

Project’s aims and objectives:

Updating of skills, new skills for new jobs, raising employability

Mobile EU workforce, mobility

Quality and efficiency of education and training

Cooperation between different EU members


Matching between skills and labour market needs

Equipping young people better for the job market       

This is a joint project between Slovenia (GZS); Latvia (MASOC); Croatia (HUP) and Slovakia (ZEP). To find out more, visit the SkillMe website.