Ceemet_logoCeemet is the European Tech & industry employers’ organisation representing the interests of the metal, engineering and technology-based industries with a particular focus on labour market policy and industrial relations issues.

Our members are national employers’ organisations and federations, representing 200,000 member companies across Europe, the vast majority of which are SMEs, providing employment for 35 million people, covering all products within the metal, engineering and technology-based sectors. Together, these companies make up the largest industrial sector in Europe, both in terms of employment levels and added value, and are therefore vital in driving forward and securing Europe’s future prosperity.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Ceemet  is a recognised consultation body and discussion partner of the European Institutions and other stakeholders.

For more information about Ceemet , please contact us on:

Tel.: +32 (2) 706 84 65
E-mail: secretariat@ceemet.org
Website: http://www.ceemet.org/


Ceemet members: